The Songs
(with comments by Pancreas)

Please be aware that due to the age and method of the original recordings, some songs will not be of the highest quality.

Pancreas Joe and the Child Abusers

Pancreas Ala Mode(1.6MB) - This was a song Shawn surprised me with during our first show. He and Denny had worked it up together secretly before we played. He broke into it halfway through another song, and I thought it was hysterical.

I Hate Love(3.0MB) - From our second show. We wrote this in about 5 minutes. Punk Panc.

Sadistic Drugs(3.6MB) - Denny wrote this one and he and Shawn practiced it secretly before our second show (they were always doing that). Probably one of the best songs of the show.

Birthday(3.3MB) - PJ & CAs version of the Beatle's classic. probably our most punk performance. Check out my cowbell solo (and scream at the band to shut up so I could have it) and Shawn's excellent guitar work.

Legalize Suicide(4.4MB) - This was the first band's signature song. I wrote the words and Shawn the music after a discussion about the stupidity of our laws and government. Listen for the announcement at the end.

Top 40 Demolition(4.5MB) - From our third show. This song (prefaced by Holst piece Mars) opened the show for the metal incarnation of PJ&CA. This was 1980 and disco was still an ugly blemish on the face of music.

Jack the Ripper(1.9MB) - An example of the dark, violent songs that were part of the second version of the band. Rick wrote this one.

Legalize Suicide(5.6MB) - The only song to carryover from the punk version of the band. A crowd favorite. Listening to the two version you can hear the major change the band had made in 6 months.

Momma Always Rolled a Good Joint(2.3MB) - When we were asked what album we wanted played while the audience waited for us to go on, we decided that we would create a recording containing songs from other bands we admired, as well as little scenes that were suppose to be the history of the band. This was first sung as background to a bar scene, but we fleshed it out. It's one of my favorites from the second band.

Pancreas Joe and the Eskimo Leftists

$30 Guitar(5.6MB) - Recorded for $25 in Rick's studio over a 6 hour period. I brought a bottle of brandy and bag of green bud (It was the only way I got Rick to give the song the rough sound I wanted) This show's what 2 excellent musicians and one Pancreas can do.

Pancreas Joe Blues(3.9MB) - Recorded 3 years after $30, it still retains the blues sound, with a cleaner production by Rick.

Planet Pancreas

Jack the Magic Strawman(2.9MB) - This is a song we performed at Planet Panc's only live show, at the Haight Asbury Community Center. It was our "avant garde" phase and the last musical incarnation of Pancreas. This version was recorded in the studio (on a Tascam 4 Track) Denny on guitar, me on keyboards and vocals.

All songs © Pancreas Productions, 1979, 1980, 1984, 2000, except where otherwise noted.
Birthday © Northern Songs, Ltd., 1968.
Can't Explain © Champion Music Corp., 1965.

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