The Videos
(with comments by Pancreas)

$30 Guitar - The pinnacle of the musical Pancreas. This award winning video was seen on MTV, as well as several other music video shows. Won the San Jose Media Association award for best short subject and Movie's on a Shoestring Best Music Video award.

All videos © Pancreas Productions, 1984, 1989, 2015.

UnPancreas Videos
(videos that aren't part of the Pancreas story, but made by some of the Pancreas gang)

Hammer - The touching story of a ballpen in a claw hammer world. Stars Shawn and made by Denny and Tony.

To Build A Fire - From the Jack London story, this was based on a painting by Denny. Starring Denny and made by him and Tony.

Champagne My Dear(3.2MB) - This is a film that was made to accompany a song by Shawn (not the soundtrack of the film now). It was shown/performed during the live performance piece "American Dioramas." Same crew as above.

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